What three questions can really help us to “get back on track”?

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

We have all at times, been diverted off-course or just plainly lost the route. It is part and parcel of the human condition. 

It could be as a result of letting things drift, taking a wrong turn, putting off a critical decision, taking a relationship for granted or getting distracted by something that is nice, but not relevant. This can and will happen in your work situation, or in another important role in your life.

The outcome is the same – you are off-track and not where you intended to be!

Clearly, the blindingly obvious thing to do is just get back on track!

Nine times out of ten that is the simple answer. Just do it. But what happens when you seem to have lost the plot ….. when you seem to be going round in circles……when direction has been lost?

Once we realise that we have wandered off-track (or it has been pointed out to us!) that’s the time to do something. Don’t delay.

But what next?

Well, there are three questions that may help you diagnose what the root cause is? They are questions that you should consider yourself, but you can also discuss them with someone you can truly confide in.

Here are the three questions:

  1. Am I still following what I really believe in? In a work-setting we would call this “our vision”. In a personal setting, we may say “aspirations”. Whatever the role you are thinking about, it is seeking to answer ,“why am I doing this?” If you are French you would be asking what’s my raison d’être?
  2. Have I lost sight of my intentions? What were you aiming for? What was the direction you were going in? What was the next goal you were shooting for?
  3. Am I staying true to my “golden rules”? What do we mean by “golden rules”? It is your principles…your personal  integrity..…your values…how you would like to do things?

Tackling these questions will  help you  to diagnose where things have gone off-track.

The diagnosis doesn’t provide the solution – only acting on it will – but it will ensure that you are taking the right action.

Happy getting back on-track!