What are your Key Roles in life?

If you want something to be done……. find a busy person.

If you are a busy person (and effective) then you will be given more jobs to do. If you are taking the lead in one area, then it is likely that you will have leadership roles thrust upon you or, at least, be given the opportunity.

You may be surprised how many significant roles you have in life.

Some of them you are born into, others you choose.  Some you are paid for in cash, others you are paid with compliments.  Some you will be stuck with for life, others you will change frequently.  Some you love others you… do not.  Some are exciting and others are dull.  Some you compete for, others you are the only one who willing to do it.

Add all your roles together and it makes up a very large part of your life.

There are two sets of jars below.  The first provides some examples, the blank set are for you to complete with your own roles.

Jam Jars (2)

Jam Jars (3)

Now divide your roles into Major and Important roles.  By Major I mean a big, broad leadership responsibility like your Day Job.  A Major role may encompass a range of Important roles e.g. as Sales Director you may be Team Leader, Speech Maker, Business Generator, Board Member, Mentor, Blogger and Recruiter.

If you have roles that are neither Major nor Important, then why are you doing them? Ditch them!

Now, that you have clarified what your roles are you can begin to give them the level attention and balance that you want to.

John Greenway

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