The need for leaders to navigate

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

Most plans, whether they are in business or in your personal life, go something like … “we are here and we want to get there”….at which point a straight line is then drawn to bridge the gap. If an individual does achieve or exceed their goals they are very aware that the line was never straight!

We can rightly dream visions, clarify our values and define our goals, but life is unpredictable. Winds blow, waves rise, currents pull, and unseen obstacles block and unexpected opportunities arise. The journey is often much more like sailing the seas than driving along a clearly defined road. There are no signposts to tell you to turn right or left, you have to use your judgement to tack or pivot, otherwise you can blissfully go way off course and think you are sailing well.

There is a need to navigate your way to success.

See the big picture

Leaders need to be able to navigate well. Their context is often unpredictable and circumstances change without notice. Their primary role is to help people to get “from-here-to-there” successfully, and in good order.

But how do you navigate towards success? Whilst there is not a “silver bullet” answer, we suggest that you do two things: don’t lose sight of the big picture and focus on doing the right things. These are daily behaviours and disciplines.

The challenge is to develop the character and competence to become an “all weather leader”.