The Leaders’ Map Interview

7 questions in 5 minutes.

John Greenway, founder of Leaders’ Map, is first off. Jessica Carey poses the questions:

Why did you start Leaders’ Map?
A couple of people said to me, “John, you should do something with these ideas”. I guess this App is a lazy man’s way of writing a book – getting some ideas out there , hoping that they might be useful to someone else.

Tell me about your various roles?
Alongside creating and developing Leaders’ Map I continue to spend a good part of my week working with a global consultancy enabling businesses to build and leverage their leadership capability. Additionally, I am on the leadership team of a thriving multi-cultural church in London. I am fortunate that I love the different challenges.

…and what other experience have you gained?
I’ve a diverse background across both private and public sectors chaired a not-for profit company, sat on Boards, managed departments, mentored aspiring young leaders, taught, coached sports teams and led voluntary activities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. My work has taken me from Japan to Panama.

You have interviewed thousands of leaders and managers. What do you see as the 3 key characteristics for great leadership?
Clarity of Purpose, ability to Influence and Integrity … across the ups and downs of life.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
That’s a difficult one. My father was hugely influential, but I might say Dr John Mercer who, apart from being the local doctor, set up a lot of youth activities in my town. John was a good counsel in my formative years which set the scene for the future. We should never underestimate the impact for good that we can have on other people, particularly young people.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I was sports mad (I still am) and mischievous (I still am)….. I remember playing tennis, hitting the ball against the back wall at home. Despite parental warnings the inevitable happened – I smashed the kitchen window. Sorrys were said and the window replaced. Before the Repairman had driven away from the house I hit the ball through the same window again. I made a quick exit and wasn’t seen for some hours!

What legacy would you like to leave your children?
I hope that they know that their Dad loves them – unconditionally. There is no greater role than being a father.