Sam Lewis’s (FabriQate) Leaders’ Map Journey

Sam Lewis, part of the Creative Strategy team at FabriQate, is working with Leaders’ Map at the moment in the early stages of production and marketing. In a recent blog for FabriQate, the Creative Mobile Technology company Sam works for, who are creating and building the app conceived by Leaders’ Map CEO John Greenway (interviewed in our last blog), Sam speaks of how working on the project has started to influence his thinking and his daily life.

Learning Through Leaders’ Map – Sam Lewis

Over the last few months, FabriQate has been working with entrepreneur and all-round nice guy John Greenway in the creation of his own self-created productivity app Leaders’ Map.

Leaders’ Map, as John is keen to point out, is more of an enabling app than a productivity app. It is more of a toolbox and a guide than a strict productivity target-based app. It is good fun as well as being very helpful.

What Leaders’ Map allows you to do is categorise and prioritise your tasks by GLEP-ing those tasks. For example some of my daily tasks include getting dinner ingredients, managing emails, signing off projects – all sorts of different things. It’s hard to place them in order and so it is hard to complete my day without missing out on something or making a mistake.



By classifying a task as either productive, reactive, creative, proactive or transformative you can start to make sense of your day. Its clear and it helps and I’m starting to see the benefits of John’s philosophy myself.

Now, the app Leaders’ Map, which FabriQate are currently working on with John is still in production, but I’ve been able to apply the ideas mentally at this stage. Categorising my daily tasks and starting to plan ahead and navigate towards my end goals a lot more easily. When the app actually comes into play, I’ll be able to track that progress on the app and actually measure how I’m doing.

I’ve been able to tap into the Leaders’ Map way of thinking, the way that has served John so well over the years, without actually getting my hands on the app yet (which I’m now desperate to do!) this is because the ideas and the principles are simple and go beyond just the app. The app, which will be both beautiful to look at and easy to use, is simply the enabler, the toolbox, your device.

To start to get into the Leaders’ Map way of thinking you can visit the site and follow on Twitter and Facebook. Once you begin to apply the ideas, a bit like me, you’ll see the one thing that’s maybe missing is something to guide you along the way. The Leaders’ Map app is just that.