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“Leaders’ Map” was launched on Amazon Kindle on January 23rd.

Over the last c100 days more than 5,000 people have either read it or have it on their “bookshelf”. It has been given a 4.9 Star rating and was #1 for Leadership on its launch (Kindle Free Books).

There have been many great reviews….

  “This is one of the first leadership books I have read that is grounded and practical in its advice.”

“Packs a punch to unleash the entrepreneurial that is in us all.”

“Leaders’ Map is more than just a book. It is a map for a self-reflective journey built on great business-coaching expertise.”

“Short chapters, great quotes and lively stories make this an easy and inspiring read.”

“Leaders’ Map helps you to take a crucial step back in your life to look at the big picture… I just recently graduated …it aided me in aligning my sights to where I want to go and how I can get there.”

“I finally found my business bible.”

 “Provides a new and innovative way of organising one’s life to reach professional, community and personal goals”

“A whole lot of wisdom in a small package”

“This book doesn’t just give you a fish – it teaches you to fish.”

It would be amazing if we could break the 7,500 barrier. Could you please help?

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John Greenway

The Leaders’ Map book was launched on January 23rd 2014 and is now available on Amazon Kindle


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You may also want to check out the Leaders’ Map App which is now available on the Apple App Store.

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