I wouldn’t start from here!

The old Irish joke starts with a driver winding down his window and asking for directions, “How do I get to Tipperary?”

To which the driver received the helpful advice, “If you want to get there, I wouldn’t start from here!”

Many a true word is spoken in jest. “Here” can sometimes be the biggest problem. How do I deal with the “here and now”? How do I tackle today’s issues so that I can create time to move forward? “How can I put out the fires, so that I can be more strategic?” was question that was recently posed to me.

There will always be a gap between “here” and “there” and a tension between “now” and the “future”. How can we manage it more effectively?

Many years ago I had a friend who would always be talking about the future as if would be so much better. It led to a constant disgruntlement with the present. Fortunately, whether it was maturity, learning from circumstances or choice, or indeed a blend, she eventually quite radically changed her perspective.

Similarly, on many occasions I have seen people make career moves that they later regret as they discover that the grass was actually greener where they had just come from!

I spend a lot of my time helping organisations and people on their journey to “there”. I haven’t yet said “I wouldn’t start from here”, even though I may have thought it!

The buzz words of “change” and “transformation” that are often bandied around in organisations can have an unspoken expectation that some magical elixir for success will actually be discovered en route. If that is the case let’s get moving now!Here & Now

In my experience the stronger the “here and now” are, the stronger the “there and future” will be. That is as true at an individual level as it is with an organisation.

Don’t disparage the “here and now” because they provide the best platform for your future success.

Whether you are thinking about your own or your team’s journey why not jot down 7 things that you value about your current position and circumstance?

Appreciate today. Make the most of “here”.

John Greenway

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