How do you navigate your way forward?

We all use different ways to help us navigate our way through the challenges that we face – whether they be opportunities or risks.

In “Leaders’ Journal: 40 days of self coaching” we highlight five key navigational principles. Each one is important in its own right, but together they will help you to make the turns you need to make when you are at the helm.

They start with five verbs or “doing words”: SEE;CHOOSE;DO;CHECK;BE.

  • See the Big Picture – is your vision clear?
  • Choose the Right Direction – are you heading where you want to go?
  • Do the Right Things – are you spending your efforts on your priorities?
  • Check Progress – are you on track and learning as you go?
  • Be Inspired – are you energised and motivating those around you?

How do you rate your own abilities in these five areas? What do you need to work on?

To help leaders identify strengths and gaps we devised a simple evaluation tool:

Choose only three words from each box which most reflect your style and describe your most dominant characteristics. You could also ask a trusted colleague which words they would choose for you.

Once you have selected your 15 characteristics think about:

  1. what do you have to offer others?
  2. what will you need to draw upon from others?
  3. what do you want to develop further?

Leaders’ Journal has been written to help leaders practically address these questions.

Leaders’ Journal goes live on Amazon on 25th September 2015.