How can you focus on what is most valuable?

Stephen Covey, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, said “The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” And I would add …but make sure you prioritise what is most valuable.

How can you assess what is the right value for each situation?

GLEPS™ is a unique way to assign a specific value to a key decision, an engagement with somebody, an event, a meeting, a task or even your free leisure time.

We have identified 5 values or GLEPS – Reactive, Productive, Proactive, Creative or Transformative. We have even given each GLEP its own icon.  

Golden  A transformative choice or event will be high impact. It is a potential game-changer. You will be looking for a  GOLDEN outcome.

Light When you are being creative you could be doing something that is strategic or that will enhance learning. You  may want to re-energise the team. Whatever it is, you will be aiming to “turn the LIGHT on”.

Enterprising Proactive tasks are when you take the initiative and anticipate the future, you are being ENTERPRISING.


Being productive is about tackling important, core, day-to-day responsibilities. You will want to be  PRODUCING each day.

StopWe can all be driven by events and become reactive. A reactive task may actually add little or no value. Being  reactive is not all bad, but you should ask yourself whether you should STOP this activity.

A decision, event or task does not necessarily have a prescribed value in itself. Your behaviour creates the value, not the event in itself. Booking a meeting with a Client could be creative, proactive or productive. Buying flowers for my wife may be reactive or transformative!

GLEPS™ provides you with a very natural self-questioning process. You choose what is the right value of that decision or the potential of an upcoming event. It’s your judgement as a leader.

Of course your perception of the value of something will greatly influence the way you approach it, the way you think and behave towards it. There is a danger, however, in kidding yourself.

For example, you may assign a Creative GLEP to a “date night” with your 10 year old daughter. You are going out to see an open-air production in the park and then go out for a burger with her afterwards. It is not the most enthralling production and she is a slow eater, which gives you a great opportunity to reply to 3 work emails and make 2 important client calls. That’s what you may call successful multi-tasking. Would your daughter agree? Were you being Creative or just Productive? We reap what we sow.

By using the GLEPS™ approach you will intuitively be clarifying your choices and decisions, distilling what is most important and crystallising your priorities. But most of all it can help you to choose your attitude and behaviour. It will enable you to “do the right things” and navigate more effectively.

John Greenway

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