How can I be different in my new job?

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

Taking on a new job is a fantastic way to “reinvent yourself”.

Don’t get me wrong, you have been appointed because “you are you”. Your skills, abilities, experience and particularly your personality are precisely the reason why somebody has chosen to invest in you. They are putting their trust in you to do a great job. 

Nevertheless, you know you would like to do some things differently in the future. You would like to be  a better leader, more effective in your work, make better choices, use your time more wisely etc. Starting in a new job can give you a fresh sheet of paper to write a slightly better story – to be the “best you”. It’s like a New Year – a natural  time for resolutions. It’s actually slightly better than a New Year, because nobody knew what you were doing on 31st December! Of course, if your new job is in your current organisation that is even better, because they liked what you were doing on December 31st!

So how can you be different?

  1. Be you! Play to your strengths. The Bing Crosby song says, “Accentuate the positive” – so do make sure that you sing along with it. Latch on to the affirmative.
  2. Recognise that resolutions in themselves don’t actually achieve very much, so be careful of making too many as you will probably end up beating yourself up!
  3. Choose ONE thing that will give you fresh direction, a new path and stick with it for a 100 days and then vow to give it up! If it’s good you won’t want to, if it’s not then you have lost nothing by the experiment.

What do you choose?

Well, that is entirely up to you and will depend upon your personality and the demands of the new role. Give yourself some time to consider those factors, and then think through what is clearly achievable and you are really motivated to go for.

One change will then lead to another…..starting is the challenge.

Any other tips?

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