How can GLEPS™ transform the way you see things?

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

Launch of Launch of Endeavour STS-134I have always loved that wonderful story of when President John F. Kennedy (… or was it actually President Lyndon B. Johnson?) visited NASA at Cape Canaveral in the 60’s. He went up to a cleaner who was sweeping near the rocket and asked him “….and what is your job?” The man looked up and immediately responded, ‘My job is to put a man on the moon, sir!’

My guess is that he was a great cleaner. Our perspective, the way we look at our “job”, has a massive and direct impact on how we behave. It can be very easy to lose perspective i.e. to see things in the right way, even if our job is far from routine.

How can I look at what I do with new lenses?

Leaders’ Map has come up with a simple, but elegant, lens system called GLEPS™. This unique system will help you to look at things more clearly by getting you to ask yourself some questions:

  • At a macro level, what is the right balance of activity that will help me be most successful in my job?
  • What percentage of my time or tasks should be transformative, creative, proactive, productive or reactive?
  • At a micro, day-to-day level, what is the value of a particular activity? Will it be a game-changer, can it help “turn on the light”, will it help me to take the initiative, is it an important part of my day-to-day responsibility or am I simply reacting to events?

The Leaders’ Map app will challenge you to clarify, redefine and even change what you are doing. Through regular use of the GLEPS™ system you will develop your own “business voice”, building confidence in both your actions and decision making.

Happy sweeping!

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