Exciting News!

Leaders Map book launches FREE on Amazon Kindle on 23rd January 2014.

Leaders’ Map has been written to enable leaders to navigate towards success both in their work and in other roles in life.

Leaders Map book coverAt its core Leaders’ Map will help you to understand your journey. Most of us make our plans as if we will be going forward in a straight line. But life is not like that. Winds blow, waves rise, currents pull, obstacles block and opportunities beckon. Leadership, indeed life, journeys are more like sailing in the ocean than driving along a straight road.

Author, John Greenway, draws on his professional and consulting experience of working with over 100 organisations globally.  He brings fresh ideas, practical wisdom and timeless principles that are relevant to leaders at all levels.


“As an entrepreneur and sailor the navigation theme of Leaders’ Map resonates strongly with me.  It is certainly my experience that business doesn’t go in a straight line.” Ed Bussey, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Quill

“A great, but practical concept.” Yves Couillard, President at Adventissimo & former CEO HP France

“I really liked the anecdotes … helped me visualise myself in the situation and how I would have reacted.” Aneesh Varma, Co-Founder and MD of the mobile innovation company, FabriQate

“An excellent and inspiring read, but most of all very thought-provoking.” Leo Patching, San Francisco-based Chief Commercial Officer for Freetricity

“The map analogy is very insightful and powerful.” Stig Bøgh Karlsen, Owner of NoKa Holding and Chairman of several Danish enterprises

Priced at $5.13/£3.15, Leaders’ Map will be FREE on 23rd January.