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  • Are you reactive or proactive?

    By on April 2, 2013

    John Greenway, Leaders’ Map Over 30 years I have interviewed literally thousands of people from hundreds of organisations to evaluate their suitability for leadership roles. One of the qualities I always look for is a person’s preparedness to be proactive – to take the initiative.  Wikipedia...

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  • The need for leaders to navigate

    By on March 20, 2013

    John Greenway, Leaders’ Map Most plans, whether they are in business or in your personal life, go something like … “we are here and we want to get there”….at which point a straight line is then drawn to bridge the gap. If an individual does achieve or...

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  • Sam Lewis’s (FabriQate) Leaders’ Map Journey

    By on December 4, 2012

    Sam Lewis, part of the Creative Strategy team at FabriQate, is working with Leaders’ Map at the moment in the early stages of production and marketing. In a recent blog for FabriQate, the Creative Mobile Technology company Sam works for, who are creating and building the...

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  • The Leaders’ Map Interview

    By on November 22, 2012

    7 questions in 5 minutes. John Greenway, founder of Leaders’ Map, is first off. Jessica Carey poses the questions: Why did you start Leaders’ Map? A couple of people said to me, “John, you should do something with these ideas”. I guess this App is a...

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