Be a spotter of light

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

Have you ever felt lost and in the dark?

It’s not a great feeling! It takes me back to a New Year’s hiking expedition when I was in my late teens.

It had been a brilliant, blue-sky day. Fresh snow underfoot and bunch of great friends embarking on an arduous day hiking. Everybody was pushing each other, but still with a smile on our faces. It was one of those unforgettable days that are easily stored in the memory bank.

One of the things we did forget, however, was a torch.

With the short days of winter, darkness fell fast and we were still high up and away from any recognisable path. Being lost in the dark is quite different to being lost in the light, particularly with it beginning to freeze. Bravado turned to increasing concern and to some anxiety (… but certainly not mine!).

Then somebody spotted a light in the distance below. A white glow in the surrounding black. At last, we had something to aim towards.

It was still potentially very treachourous as we had to negotiate down towards human habitation and safety. Fast-forwarding through tales of extreme bravery we were compelely astounded to find that the bright light was simply the light surrounding the doorbell of an empty cottage!

When circumstances change, whether in our work situation or indeed in other roles in our lives, it is very easy either to blame the person who forgot the torch (…probably you!) or to create heat, with rising tempers or anxieties. In such circumstances more light is needed than heat. This is when a recitation of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If” becomes very handy.

If you can’t “shed the light”, you can be a “good spotter of light”…..even if it is only doorbell size!

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