All-weather leadership

John Greenway, Leaders Map

I love dipping into the Harvard Business Review Management Tips to get some pithy, practical advice. It’s an excellent read.

Tip 8 explains, “In today’s tough economy, should leaders be dogged, analytical and organized or should they be empathic, charismatic, and communicative? The answer is simple: they need all those traits.”

Wow, that is a “big ask” even for the best ship’s captain! The reality is that very few people possess all of the qualities of Tip 8.

The leader’s responsibility is to:

  1. Know that all these qualities are indeed critical for enduring success, even if they have not got them in full measure.
  2. Have the self-awareness and judgement to know where they are personally strong and weak.
  3. Ensure that their weaknesses are covered by the strengths of others.
  4. Encourage their people to focus 80% of their effort on where they are strong, but have 20% where they can stretch and develop.
  5. Get everybody working together. Everybody needs to know their responsibilities, and the roles of others, to sail fast and safe.

At Leaders’ Map we call this being an “all-weather leader”.

Boat in the storm

In the Leaders’ Map App there is a simple storyboard that says: “Navigating your way to success is like sailing across the ocean…you need to predict the tides…sail through rough seas…around obstacles…using the winds…to get to the future destination you desire…It is never a straight line. Navigate by looking at the big picture and doing the right things.” This requires the versatility and team work of an all-weather leader.

To find out more please check out our short Concept Video –

Thank you HBR Tips, we know that your key point was you need to be a “both/and” leader ….or, as we call it, an all-weather leader.

Enjoy the Journey!