Have you heard about GLEPS™? A unique way to create the right value each day

John Greenway, Leaders’ Map

We are all very familiar with the importance of prioritising tasks to become more effective, but at Leaders’ Map we go one step further.

We understand that each of our choices or tasks has a different value. Here at Leaders’ Map, we have identified five core values.


A transformative choice or event will be high impact, a potential game-changer. You will be looking for a GOLDEN outcome.

When you are being creative you could be doing something that is strategic or that will enhance learning. You may be wanting to re-energise the team. Whatever it is, you will be aiming to “turn the LIGHT on”.

Proactive tasks are when you take the initiative and anticipate the future, you are being ENTERPRISING.

Being productive is about tackling important, core, day-to-day responsibilities. You will want to be PRODUCING each day.

We can all be driven by events and become reactive. A reactive task may actually add little or no value. Being reactive is not all bad, but you should ask yourself whether you should STOP this activity.

We have called this set of five values GLEPS™. They are a new way to evaluate your choices, decisions and tasks and helpfully within the app each GLEP has its own a unique icon.

A task in itself does not necessarily have a prescribed value. Booking a meeting with a Client could be creative, proactive or productive. Buying flowers for my wife may be reactive or transformative! You can choose what the value of the task should be.

Stephen Covey, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, said “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

The Leaders’ Map app will help you decide what is the potential value of a particular decision, task or event by assigning a GLEPS™ icon. You just GLEP it! Then you can choose and schedule your priorities.

The GLEPS™ concept will help you to clarify your choices and decisions, distill what is most important and crystallise your priorities. It will empower you to “do the right things” and help you as you to navigate towards success in your work and other roles in life.

Enjoy the Journey!

For more on the Leaders’ Map approach watch our two short videos.
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