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The purpose of Leaders’ Map is to enable you to navigate towards success in your work and other roles in life.


Helping doers think and thinkers do ™


If you aspire to fulfil your potential in your work and other roles, Leaders’ Map can help you.

Each of your roles is like a journey. We provide practical concepts, tools and resources to enable you to navigate successfully by doing the right things.

The Leaders’ Map and Leaders’ Journal book, the Leaders’ Map app, videos, blogs and programmes are all geared to help you to:

  • see clearly the opportunities and realities of your situation
  • choose your direction and priorities
  • do the right things each day
  • check progress to make sure that you are heading where you want to go
  • be inspired with some daily wisdom

Download the app

Download the app

The Leaders’ Map app is available for iPhone.

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Read the book

Read the book

The Leaders’ Map book is available for Amazon Kindle.

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Get in touch

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See the big picture

Leaders’ Map helps you keep your eye on the horizon…and the changing conditions. Then you can tackle the opportunities and risks with confidence.

Choose the right direction

You choose your direction, create the goals and set your route.

Do the right things

Your DailyNav will help you spend your energy on the right things. That’s what will lead to success.

Check your progress

Get real-time feedback on how you are doing. Enjoy the journey, but see what changes you need to make.

Be inspired

Daily Wisdom will give you a zap of inspiration, reflection or fun each day.




Leaders’ Map Concept

Short video of the journey towards “Aspiration Island”. Leaders’ Map helps you navigate towards success in your work and other roles.


Leaders’ Map Guide

Short video of how to use the app and get the most out it. And as always feel free to tweet to us at @LeadersMap if you need more help.


  • Leaders’ Journal: 40 days of self coaching launched on Amazon September 25th 2015
  • www.leadersjournal.co.uk is launched September 2015
  • Leaders’ Map book being launched in PRINT on Amazon November 14th 2014
  • Leaders’ Map book is being launched FREE on Amazon Kindle January 23rd 2014
  • Leaders’ Map book was published on Amazon Kindle December 20th 2013
  • Leaders’ Map iPhoneApp released on the AppStore 21st March 2013
  • User Guide Video created March 2013
  • Concept Video created January 2013
  • Website launched Q4 2012